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Early on in Jen’s life health issues surfaced which gave her a clear insight into the limits of Western medicine and the need for patients to self advocate. Jen spent almost 8 years working as a manager at a natural food cooperative business in Minneapolis. That is where her interest in natural healing options got inspired. While in school, Jen had several experiences with acupuncture and herbs that convinced her she was on the right path.

Jen likes to hike in the beautiful nature area’s around her home. She has a small garden which never ceases to inspire wonder. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Traveling has long been a hobby, one that she hopes to find more opportunities for.

Graduating from Northwestern Health Science University’s College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a Masters in Acupuncture, was a much anticipated event. She is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Minnesota. During her schooling she interned at Pillsbury House in their Integrative Health Clinic, at Burnsville Natural Health, and Cerenity Senior Living Center as well as at the schools onsite clinics. Working in the south east metro area with a unique healing space is such a dream come true.

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